In 2015 I had the opportunity to take part in Reorder a site specific exhibition at the decommissioned woodchip mill at Spring Bay on Tasmania's East coast. The exhibition, organised as part of  the Tasmanian International Arts Festival, gave participants the opportunity to use a large scale industrial environment, and to utilise found objects from the site to comment on the past and future of the site.

The installation was constructed in a storage building  to give the viewer a sense that they were standing both in a valley of tree stumps with hills rising towards the roof on either side, and at the same time  that they were walking up an aisle towards a shrine.  The shrine  holds a solitary silver chip under a glass dome - a reliquary of nature destroyed - a memento mori to the seemingly inevitable death of all things natural in the wake of human expansion.

From the experience  of undertaking this installation the idea of memorialising a selection wood chips in sterling silver  developed.

 David Hamilton Detail, Memory Chip

David Hamilton Memorychip 2015

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