Steel  Sculptures (painted)

  • These works are constructed from  steel pipe elements, which have been tightly wrapped, bound and knotted using processes such as heating, cutting and welding.  The forms are analogous with processes most often associated with flexible linear elements such as thread or cord. It is at times similar to twist fencing wire or the tendrils of the grapevine. The painted surfaces on the sculptures are achieved by the application of  coats of automotive acrylic lacquer to establish a feeling of depth. The resulting finish can often resemble the quality of polished stone.

Twist  2003  painted steel L317 x W96 x H70cm

Twist  2003 painted steel (detail)

Woven 2003 painted steel L368 x W203 x H51cm

Woven 2003 painted steel (detail)

Wrap 2004 painted steel L110 x W52 x H37cm

Between 2009 painted steel H85 x W40 x L150cm

Earthbit  2010  painted steel L70 x W26 x H25cm

Fragment painted steel  L63 x W26 x H26cm

Fragment  2009 painted steel L25 x W11 x H12cm

In Blue 2005 painted steel  H170 x W75 x L225cm 

Knot  2004 painted steel L239 x W42 x H48cm

Knot 2004 painted steel (detail)

Sky Probe 2010 painted steel  H33 x W17 x L65cm

Thread  2003 painted steel  L187 x W87 x H64cm

Thread  2003 painted steel (detail)

Torque  2003 painted steel L96 x W16 x H25cm

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