Axes    These works were initiated out of a growing concern for the loss of old growth trees in Tasmania.  As a sculptor living in Tasmania it was impossible to be unaware of the wholesale destruction of the natural forest environment to feed the demands of the State's woodchip industry. I used the axe form, an efficient and yet sensuous tool of destruction as a metaphor  to highlight the destruction of my state's forest heritage. 

Wrapped Axe 1983 Bronze H14 x W8 x L15 cm

False Phoenix  1983 Silicon bronze H17 x W8 x L25 cm 

Ridgetop  1983 Silicon bronze  H18 x W2 x L26 cm 

Bow 1983 Bronze  H21 x W8 x L31  cm 

Progression 1983 Bronze H24 x W8 x L25 cm

Widows Veil 1983 Bronze  H25 x W8 x L 25 cm

Safe Bequest  1983 Bronze. H18 x W8 x L23 cm 

Wild Thing  1983  Bronze H15 x W8 x L30 cm

Fortunes Wheel 1983 Bronze H 14 x W12 x L15 cm

A Trophy for Doug 1985 Bronze H28 x W9 x L60 cm

A walk in the Woods 1985 Bronze and stone 

Wrapped Axe  2015 hydrographic printed bronze  H14 x W8 x L15cm

Wrapped Axe 2015 bronze  H14 x W8 x L15cm


Wrapped Axe   2015 paint  on   bronze  H14 x W8 x L15cm

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